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It's the Grate(ful) Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

If you are among the legion of Peanuts fans, you will know that October is not only the season for Halloween, but also the time of year when Charlie Brown's friend Linus hides in the local pumpkin patch hoping to get a glimpse of his favorite holiday figure, The Great Pumpkin. For those unaware, the Great Pumpkin flies around the world on October 31st giving gifts to deserving children, much like the more well-known Santa Claus in December.

Here in the US, October also signals the arrival of pumpkin-spiced everything, from coffee to the ever popular SPAM. Yes, the latter is a true product, available on Amazon for $25.99 - with free shipping. Supplies are (I hope) limited.

Here's a thought - what if we looked at the Great Pumpkin in another fashion?

I walked into my normal coffee house this morning and found The Grateful Pumpkin. Employees (known as "partners" - which almost gives away my location) and customers alike could scribe anything they wanted onto the large, orange icon of the fall season. Many penned their favorite coffee drink, others were grateful for family, some mentioned good health. The pumpkin was covered top to bottom with nice thoughts. I particularly liked the Batman reference to Alfred.

In our world so filled with negatives (think about our politics) and injected with externally-induced and self-centered greed (seen any Christmas displays in the stores yet? I have,) we need a little something to remind us to be thankful for what we have. Are there others who have more than us? Sure. But in the long run, does it really matter? Nope. You can't take it with you, as they say. I am, and should be grateful for that which I have been blessed.

Let's all be thankful and grateful for the good we do have in our lives. Maybe that's not always "things," but something you can't hold in your hand. Love of family and friends comes to mind. Happiness, peace, music. I could probably go on and on pontificating about the plethora of pumpkins in my patch, but let's wrap up:

Take a moment today and find your own pumpkin patch. Maybe there's a Grate(ful) Pumpkin there, waiting for you to pick up a pen.

D.J. sends.

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