• D.J. Lutz

Fit to be a writer - or fit writer?

As a new writer, I slogged through many exercises: character development, how to create the arc, subtext and why it is important, etc., and I sat for hours while doing all of them. I did have the advantage of using a sit-stand desk at my regular job, but when it came to my own creative endeavors, it was #BICHOK or in long form, butt in chair / hands on keyboard. Good for finishing that draft, perhaps, but when it came to maintaining my health, it wasn't all that good.

What to do?

A very good friend of mine is now a motivational speaker and fitness expert. His advice, were I to pose the question, would be simple: if you don't make time for your health, you'll eventually need time for your illness. And a sick writer can't write. Right?

I won't preach or judge you on your own fitness, for as they say I have my own problems, but if you need to make changes in your own (writer's) life, join me as I take sound advice from someone who knows. I choose to not only be fit to write, but be a fit writer!

(props to Matt at Facebook's @DeadAimFitness for the great reminder.)

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