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The Short Version

Douglas Lutz is a Virginia-based storyteller. His debut novel, The Apple Pie Alibi, will be rereleased in December 2021, followed soon after by its sequel, Milk Chocolate Murders, both on Amazon KDP. For his latest exploits, follow Doug on Facebook @AuthorDJLutz, Instagram @1cookingwriter and at www.DouglasLutz.com.

The Better Version


Pre-Covid, Douglas Lutz worked inside the confines of a corporate gray cubicle, providing administrative support for a global financial management company. On the side, he was a successful corporate reporter, covering topics ranging from diversity, equity, and inclusion to fixed income sales. Sound boring? Perhaps to some, but Doug loved his company, his coworkers, and even his work. And the coffee was free!

From the onset of the Covid era, Doug continues the same work, except, as an essential worker (the company is part of the banking industry) he alternates working one week in a nearly deserted office and one week at home. But the coffee is still free. What's not to love?

Doug has had short stories published in two anthologies, The World Unknown Review, Vol. 1 (Engler) and Fifty Shades of Cabernet (Koehler.) The debut novel of his Winnie Kepler Culinary Mystery Series, The Apple Pie Alibi was published in 2017 (Koehler.) Doug has regained the rights to this novel and will revise / republish it in December 2021 under Amazon KDP. Soon after will follow the sequel, Milk Chocolate Murders. The third book in the series, Wedding Cake Witness, is currently being outlined.

Years earlier...

As a young lad, Doug took Benjamin Franklin's words to heart, "... Do something worth writing." Many summers were spent hiking the highlands of Nicaragua and Honduras as part of volunteer public health teams. Later, music became a focus, and Doug became the first saxophonist with a local nightclub band called Dallas Brass & Electric. Wanderlust and a need for a job with health benefits enabled Doug to spend the next 21years traveling the world as a Marine Corps musician.


Music was an adventure, but to help pay the bills, Doug eventually had to find extra work in Norfolk, Virginia as a line cook (and when needed, a "floor manager" wink wink nudge nudge) at The Banque, one of the largest country-western honkytonks on the east coast, Doug now combines his love of food with the need to create by writing culinary-influenced mysteries.


Doug currently lives in Newport News, Virginia with his wife,  and one special needs puppy named Sassafras - and a pair of sketchy cats that can't be trusted.



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