Relaunch 2021

It has been a challenging year for all, and I will be the first to admit the negatives of "the world" made writing seem almost inconsequential. I'm not just thinking about Covid. You can certainly add any number of other social and political issues to the mix. Plenty to choose from, as they say.

Lately, I have been helping establish an arts / creatives community at my office. We have only met a few times, and much is planned. Even so, just spending a few minutes talking with a photographer, a woodworker, a furniture maker, a musician, a textile artist, and yes, even another writer has helped me refocus.

So with their help (whether they knew it or not) I have set a few writing goals for this year:

- Totally revamp the website (See? It's now red!)

- Update my professional brand / logo by spending a few dollars on a professional calligrapher, thus supporting another artist

86 the newsletter (Culinary writer-speak for get rid of it)

- Increase social media interaction with readers and other artists, keeping diversity in mind

- Read more. Seriously need to schedule this time or it won't happen, right?

- Follow the late Judi McCoy's best advice, given to more now-successful writers than are willing to admit:

  > "Get the $@#&%^ book done!"

       ~ Finish the final edits on Milk Chocolate Murder

       ~ Revise Apple Pie Alibi (fix typography design)

Dual Publication Date: December 2021

(There. It's in print. Now I just have to do it!)